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Omega Institute Workshop 2019: Tree Whispering with Consciousness

May 31, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - June 2, 2019 @ 12:00 pm

Message from Jim Conroy:
The workshop at Omega Institute on May 31st thru June 2nd, 2019, will not be like any other.
The Omega Institute workshop in 2019 will be focused on my advances with Dimensional Connecting, Flowing, and Spiraling. It will be about bringing the goals, optimal design ideals, and innate potentials of trees, plants and ecosystem members into the present. You will learn about Flow through the Spiraling from the Dimensional into The Physical. You’ll learn to get in touch with the goals of the tree, plant, or ecosystem member, then you’ll learn how to support those Beings of Nature and their goals.
Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?? Ask your friends and like-minded people to attend, too!
I have been developing the Dimensional Lightwork with trees, plants, and ecosystems since 2014. While it encompasses some of the original processes going back to 2003, it is altogether different. We will be referencing but not teaching the original processes in the 2019 workshop. And, we’ll be expanding consciousness, doing a lot of great meditations by Basia, and giving out Whispers, too.
The work is all new, so I suggest–if you want to be part of it–please show up!! We are not currently planning to teach anywhere else but Omega this year.
Why? Because my guides and masters are telling me to “treat the world.”
So, Basia and I will be focusing on traveling for the next few years… both to work with client acreages and to do our philanthropic work at parks and other public places in England, Australia, Japan, and more.
Omega Institute is a great place: staff are outstanding, we have an excellent programmer–Peter–who supports our work. The food is great. This is a good atmosphere to immerse ourselves in the work. I treat the campus several times each season, so the trees, plants, and ecosystem members know that we are coming and are excited to work with us.
Please sign up early to get the best accommodations at the best prices. If you wait, other people sign up for other workshops and the good rooms fill up.
If you have questions or have some kind of difficulty about attending, please call us.
We will do everything we can to help you get there. If we don’t answer, leave a message or email us. We get lots of robo-calls, too.
Register by calling Omega Institute 800-944-1001. They may not have our workshop listed at their website yet… so call!!!
The workshop should be available for registration soon, called TREE WHISPERING: A DIMENSIONAL APPROACH TO COLLABORATING WITH NATURE. Call and ask to register asap.
Looking forward to seeing you May 31st thru June 2nd at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY.
Send us a message that you have signed up!!!
Dr. Jim Conroy 201-650-1231,
Basia Alexander 201-745-5494

May 31, June 1 & 2, 2019 at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY,

  • Friday, May 31: 7:30pm–sharp! (We need to take advantage of the daylight for a meditation out with the trees) until 9:30
  • Saturday, June 1st: 9am ’til 5:30pm with lunch and breaks
  • Sunday, June 2nd: 8:30am ’til Noon
Register early to get the best dorms, cabins, or other accommodations.
Register by calling Omega Institute at 800-944-1001.

Tree Whispering: A Dimensional Approach to Collaborating with Nature

Trees everywhere communicate that they are stressed, sick, and can’t adjust to pollution, fragmentation, climate changes, and human intervention. They need our help.
Partnering with Nature by taking Nature’s perspective and using new skills with beloved trees makes us forces for good in the shift to global collaboration with nature.
Master Nature healers Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander invite us to take an experiential proactive holistic approach to heal trees, ecosystems, and ourselves. We are guided on sacred journeys to make close touch with tree spirits and Nature’s dimensional life force.
  • Interact consciousness-to-consciousness with nature beings to find out what they want to become.
  • Learn easy, practical Tree Whispering® processes to bring goals and ideals into the physical realm.
  • Ask and get answers about whether trees are healthy, which plants to buy, where to plant, how to support them, and more.
  • Align ourselves and our trees with a global network of sentient tree beings who seek mutual thriving on Earth.
  • Discover the dimensional-to-physical secrets of how nature manifests.
  1. Be prepared to walk around the campus to visit and commune with various wonderful trees.
  2. Be on time–there is so much to cover and the workshop is jam-packed with meditations and experiences.
  3. Optional: bring a small camp-chair (blankets to sit on will be provided.
Your teachers

Dr. Jim Conroy & Ms. Basia Alexander.


May 31, 2019 @ 7:30 pm
June 2, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
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Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
150 Lake Drive
Rhinebeck, NY 12572 United States
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