Who will enjoy a Webinar?

  • Nature lovers and open-minded people
  • Homeowners wanting to protect investment in landscape
  • Holistically and spiritually oriented people
  • Gardeners and Growers of every kind
  • Environmentalists or Activists
  • Landcare professionals such as arborists, landscapers, or gardeners
  • Students
  • Business owners


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TREE WHISPERING® Intros and Webinars may cover:

  • Making the intuitive connection
  • Tree Whispering experiences and deep connection with Nature
  • The art of healing trees with energy
  • Addressing weather extremes and their effects on trees
  • Mutual healing between trees and people
  • Receiving messages from trees, plants, and other living Beings of Nature
  • Giving the Healing Whispers® to trees and plants
  • Climate Whispering™
  • Holistic Chores™
  • Cooperative BioBalance® and Invasive Organisms in Your Backyard EcoSystem
  • and more…


Please contact Barbara (at) PlantKingdomCommunications (dot) com

if you have questions, comments or wish to express a preference about learning more…

Pricing is f*r*e*e  or reasonable.  Partial or full scholarships are sometimes available.