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Live and Let Live:  Enlightened Stewardship

Publisher: Plant Kingdom Communications


86 Pages, 6.5 wide by 11 inches tall, with photos, and lots of illustrations and diagrams.


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Enlightened Stewardship combines the idea “We are all in this together” with collaborating as equal partners with Nature’s living Beings.

Enlightened stewardship of Earth begins with the realization that all who share life on this planet can coexist as interdependent partners. Enlightened stewardship is fulfilled when individuals collaborate with Nature’s living Beings in cocreative ways so all can thrive sustainably.
Asking “How can my actions be good for all?” leads to practical changes and personal empowerment.
This leading-edge 2nd volume of the Live and Let Live series reveals what’s possible for people who learn how to establish a “wanted world”
in their backyards and set their minds toward reversing broad ecological damage. All Beings win when ecosystem members regain health.
EcoPeace Treaties® between living Beings and enlightened stewards integrate, harmonize, and bring forth wholes greater than the sum of the parts. Cooperative BioBalance® is a leading-edge field of study and new career field. It examines incorrect assumptions about Nature and is a fresh, intuitive, and grounded new way of implementing wise solutions to environmental issues.


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What People Are Saying…

“Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander are demonstrating to people—and scientists, too—that communication between humans and all other Beings is possible and essential. We humans can no longer isolate ourselves from the conversations occurring all around us. Because culture teaches people to be unaware, we often control or violate other Beings. As Dr. Jim’s and Basia’s practice of listening and cooperating with plants, insects, animals, soil, and ecosystems becomes widely engaged, our world will become a more healthy, peaceful, and prosperous place.”
—Sally Malanga, Founder of Ecco Bella, West Orange, New Jersey

“I communicated and collaborated with ants that were in my house! I asked them what they needed to live. They and I came to a mutual arrangement. They agreed to go outside and I agreed to offer them crumbs from my plate–outside. They haven’t come back into the house. I am so happy that no living Beings had to be killed! Thank you for your books and classes about Whole Emergent EcoSystems.”  
—Heidi Arvin, Teacher, Tennessee

“As an arborist with 30 years of experience, I embraced Dr. Jim’s and Basia’s philosophies and technologies because I see how well trees respond. Together, they and I have saved dying trees so I am a believer! Learning has been a great personal and professional gift. Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance systems represent a new way of thinking. This approach has the potential to lead people into a new paradigm of cooperation with Nature that will be key in the survival of our species.”
—Daniel Murphy, Arborist, Wayne, Pennsylvania


Who Will Enjoy this Book?

  • Tree people and plant lovers.
  • Visionaries who can foresee restoring balance to ecosystems in backyards and on large scales.
“Green” and sustainable life-stylers.
  • Gardeners, Nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Environmentalists.
Mindful and spiritual adventurers.
  • Tree or plant professionals and growers who want a better way.
Open-minded, open hearted, hopeful, positive, proactive people.
  • People who want to verify past Nature-connection experiences.
  • Those seeking association with like-hearted and like-minded people.