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The Tree Whisperer® and Cooperative BioBalance® Consulting to Professionals


Feel free to email Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®, with any questions: DrJim (at) TheTreeWhisperer (dot) com.

For more information about Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer, and to read his story, please go to our Sister Website by clicking on the image below.  


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PLEASE CLICK THROUGH THE SLIDE SHOW ABOVE to see  Dr. Jim Conroy In consulting situations.  Here is another example of a property that Dr. Jim would be able to help with his proprietary ecological energy-medicines systems which are shown at our Sister Website,


Who Should Call for Dr. Jim Conroy’s advice

  • Homeowners
  • Professionals in Tree Care
  • Managers of Land Trusts
  • Officers of Condo Boards

Working arrangements and financial arrangements can be made appropriate to your situation.

When to Call:

  • Anytime when any trees or plants are under stress or in decline.
  • When anticipating transplanting trees, construction, or earth moving.
  • Prior to an obvious stress, such as anticipating a hot spell, drought, or a large storm.
  • When invasive or non-native insects, disease organisms, or species are expected in the area or are already problem.
  • When you want to start the season with healthier trees and plants.

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the anticipated and agreed-upon work within one year, Dr. Jim will refund your payment in full.

How Are Services Delivered to the Tree or EcoSystem?

  • Dr. Jim Conroy will do a “walk around” with you and check all of the trees, the whole ecosystem, or simply check the individual tree you are concerned about.
  • You will find out how healthy your trees and plants are.
  • His work will take from 3 hours to days, depending on the number of trees, size of the property, etc.  He can often treat a small group of similar trees at the same time.
  • Dr. Jim will periodically check back.  A second treatment may be needed.  Yearly treatments are the best prevention.
  • You will also receive a follow-up form that tells you what practical things you can do to observe and enhance the health of your trees, other plants, or ecosystem.

What to Expect from trees, plants, crops, forests, turf, and other plantings

  • Response time can be 8-12 weeks––probably more––depending on how sick the tree was at time of treatment.
  • For any tree or plant, you will be—most importantly—looking for signs of new, green growth.
  • You may see signs of reduced incidence of diseases or insects since healthy trees and plants naturally resists diseases and insects.
  • A sick tree will probably require a second treatment.  Generally, the second treatment is later in the season or early the following year.

Please Attend an Introduction
You are invited to attend Tree Whispering® and/or Cooperative BioBalance® introductions in order to see photos of results and understand the conceptual foundations, sciences, and global implications of this work. You may find our upcoming events in the Calendar at this website.  A company or other organization may request a private introduction.