The Tree Whisperer’s 10 Tree and Plant Insights

Did you know that trees and plants encounter life-and-death dilemmas every day and have to analyze the best way to use their inner resources?  Step inside of the tree’s world with The Tree Whisperer, Dr. Jim Conroy, and feel an expanded and satisfying connection with the living Beings of Nature.

The Tree Whisperer’s 10 Tree and Plant Insights, is an enlightening and engaging story-book about communicating with our beloved trees to improve their health, and thereby enhance our own lives.

The Tree Whisperer®, Dr. Jim Conroy, asks trees about their inner workings and tells the inner secrets of their lives.

True sustainability on our small planet requires the new attitudes toward Nature fostered in this book:

  • cooperation not domination,
  • equal partnership with all living Beings for enlightened stewardship,
  • confidence in the validity of both a personal intuitive communication with trees as well as the sacred connection-experience with them.

Dr. Conroy’s work promises the possibility of restoring livable dynamic balance within Nature––including people––even in our lifetimes.

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