No deer activity with these pear trees.
End of season and Dr. Conroy finds ripe vegetables.
P1000682 JIM
No deer activity here.
P1000691 JIM

At the end of his second year of research using his EcoPeace Treaty® process, Dr. Jim Conroy says, “There was little to no deer activity in the areas that the deer agreed to avoid.”

The ideas behind EcoPeace Treaties is inclusion and live-and-let-live.  Dr. Conroy does not attempt to repel or harm the deer in any way.  An EcoPeace Treaty is a mutual agreement among ecosystem organisms and people for co-existence and dynamic balance in Nature.  Since Nature has its own wisdom, it’s possible for people to communicate with that deep intelligence.

In the triangular EcoPeace Treaty format,  three parties indicate what they need in order to survive and thrive.


Each willingly agreed to co-exist in peace. In this case, the Deer Spirit agreed to avoid flagged areas because their needs for food, water, and safety were being met elsewhere on the property.

In other words, within the context of a backyard ecosystem or even in this forested area, all living Beings are welcome and can communicate with each other in a undomesticated way.

The agreement occurs through the intuitive communications interface which Dr. Jim provides.

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