CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. . . . . . .Basia Alexander and Dr. Jim Conroy announce their newest book and show it at the Omega Institute bookstore.
IMG_2431 Basia Jim 2014 LLLv1 Omega bookstore
Basia and Jim teaching
IMG_0007_2 basia jim teach omega 2014
Basia and Jim teaching out in the Omega forest.
This was the happiest crew yet!
P1350042 2014 omega class

2014 – Conroy and Alexander’s 9th Year of Teaching at the Omega Institute

The Science and Spirit of Tree Whispering® Live and Let Live

For a truly sustainable future, learn to collaborate consciously and deliberately with the living Beings and forces of Nature.  Internalize the enlightened meaning of “live and let live” as it applies to ecosystems, including those with invasive organisms.

Join authors and Nature communication experts Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander. Learn to wisely heal beleaguered trees, plants, and ecosystem members–and rejuvenate yourself and your world in the process.

Guided visualization and hands-on practice with trees on Omega’s campus help you:
•    Open intuition and expand connection with sacred Life Force
•    Rejuvenate internal functioning of trees from the inside-out
•    Explore the assistance of Nature Spirits and Devas–elemental and dimensional energies of Nature
•    Co-create a live-and-let-live world in your backyard ecosystem
Learn transformative live-and-let live skills for personal, environmental, and global well-being.

With the scientifically based bio-energy integration techniques of Tree Whispering and the multidimensional methods of Cooperative BioBalance, you’ll discover methods of transforming ecosystems from fragmentation to dynamic balance, without chemicals or products.

Gain insight into Conroy and Alexander’s leading-edge research on Omega’s land and elsewhere.

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