Authors Working on Important New Book: Live and Let Live

Conroy and Alexander have gone into writing mode again.  They have dedicated this winter to working on a new and important book that will be about ecosystem balancing, called Cooperative BioBalance, and the use of EcoPeace Treaties to bring “invasives” and their hosts into a balanced state of co-existence.

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It will be an authoritative and practical must-have tool for an outside-the-box solution to ecosystem degradation. Large-sized book offers global ideas and wise ingredients for solving humanity’s dilemma: how to thrive sustainably while restoring healthy interactivity and dynamic balance to ecological systems, including those with “invasives.”

Expert Nature Communicators™ Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander champion easy, inspirational, and proven answers: Adopt the wise stewardship philosophy of Live-and-Let-Live and use EcoPeace Treaties® for enlightened collaboration with Nature’s living Beings.

Who Will Enjoy this Book?

  • Tree people and plant lovers.
  • Visionaries who can foresee restoring balance to ecosystems in backyards and on large scales.
  • “Green” and sustainable lifestylers.
  • Gardeners, Nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Environmentalists.
  • Mindful and spiritual adventurers.
  • Tree or plant professionals and growers who want a better way.
  • Open-minded, open hearted, hopeful, positive, proactive people.
  • People who want to verify past Nature-connection experiences.
  • Those seeking association with like-hearted and like-minded people

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