2013 Conroy and Alexander are Featured Speakers at SaveNJBears

SaveNJBears advocates to stop the bear hunt in NJ.  For two years in a row, the group asked Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander to speak about their philosophy of Live and Let Live.


Bear Protection Whispers

Repeat daily starting one week before and continuing through each day of the event.
Breathe, touch a tree, and open your heart to BEAR energy.

1. Bears in New Jersey, in the designated areas, people are coming to kill you. They know where you live.

2. Bears, please move from your usual home surroundings. Bears, do NOT go back to where you have found food near humans. It is a trap!

3. Spirits of Native Americans on the Land, please help to move the bears in the right direction.

4. I ask the trees: please hide the bears in a multi-dimensional space so the bears will not be seen. Bears, please blend in with the multi- dimensional space of the ecosystem, especially with the trees, so you cannot be seen by humans.

5. Energy of Earth — please cover any foot-tracks of the bears.

Energy of Air — please remove the scent so the bears cannot be smelled by people or dogs.

Energy of Fire — please clear the path for bears so that they can move to safety, and cleanse the area so their whereabouts are unknown.

Energy of Water–please help spread the message to all the ecosystems, so the bears and the trees ALL get the message.

6. Spirits of the Native Americans on the Land, please help stand watch and protect the Bears.  Please help to throw the humans off the trail so they don’t get near the bears.

7. Spirit of the Land — Make the path easy for Bears and extremely hard for humans.

Spirit of the Earth — Give Bears the energy and strength to move and blend in with the energy of the trees so they cannot be seen.

8. Spirit of Life in All — Please help protect the Spirit of Life of the Bears, and all the ecosystem members.

9. Great Triple Oak, please help beacon these Whispers out — just before and during the days of the hunt — to all bears that are in danger, to trees, and to ecosystems, so all Life will be protected.


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