“Messages from Trees” Inspired by this Coloring Book

Fair Haven Fireman's Fair Coloring Book

This is Dr. Jim’s and Basia’s inspiration!

Stopping for some coffee and a scone on the way to visit a client’s property in Fair Haven, New Jersey, they found this coloring book on the cafe’s counter.

Wow!  They loved the hand-drawn images showing kids playing at the fair.  The fair’s been around for over 100 years and the current year’s is going on right now!  Looks like fun!

“Gee,” they thought, “Wouldn’t kids love a coloring book full of trees? And, better yet, wouldn’t they love to hear the message that trees have for all of us–who are kids of all ages?”

So they will set out on an adventure of our own to make a fun and inspiring coloring book on behalf of the trees around the world.

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