CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. . . . . . . All species welcome at a Tree Whispering introduction.
Grandma's Lemon Tree
These are extra-large Italian lemons.
Dr. Jim doing bio-energy balancing with the tree.

Gilbertie’s Lemon Tree, and All species welcome to attend Tree Whispering talks

At their recent talk at Gilberties Garden Center, in Westport, Connecticut, Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander had an extra attendee.

Meet Gilberties’ greenhouse cat.  She stayed for the entire talk, meooowwwing her understanding of the Cooperative BioBalance ideas at just the right times.

Grandma Gilbertie’s Lemon tree came from Italy originally.  Dr. Jim Conory used his Tree Whispering system to improve its health.





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