Plant Kingdom Communications


All of our books on the shelf at the Omega Institute bookstore.

All of our books on the shelf at the Omega Institute bookstore.

All of our services, classes, and products invite you to touch, heal, and communicate with trees, plants, and all of the Beings of Nature by “coming from their point of view.”

The name, Plant Kingdom Communications, is a play on words because we create media, offer educational materials — including books —, and produce events that lead you to deeper appreciation and even intuitive connection with all living Beings. Beings, especially PLANTS!

Plant Kingdom Communications is the publishing, media, event production, and merchandising arm of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance.

Our Mission:

The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance stands for cooperative and equal partnerships among all of the Beings of Nature that will transform people’s role within ecosystems.

Institute co-founders, Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, have created a paradigm-shifting mind-set as well as bioenergy-based practical techniques.

  • First, techniques involve healing inner functionality within trees and plants by coming from their point of view.
  • Second, the bioenergy balancing processes connect/interconnect and establish/restore dynamic balance among the multi-dimensional relationships within ecosystems–including all plants, insects, micro-organisms, and people.

The Staff:

Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®, received his PhD. in Plant Pathology from Purdue University in Indiana.  After more than 25 years as a plant and tree health Senior Executive in a Fortune 50 chemical company, he did a 180º turn-around.
“Dr. Jim” developed the Green Centrics™ system, an holistic bio-energy healing, hands-on, no-product, green solution.  As its principal practitioner, he works at estates, golf courses, commercial locations and at people’s homes to heal stressed trees by mending their internal parts and functions.  Dr. Conroy’s breakthrough leading to Cooperative BioBalance™ came through his profound connection with members of the Plant Kingdom.  He is also a Certified Organic Landcare Specialist, Teacher, Faculty at Omega Institute and Nature Lyceum, Keynote Speaker, Healer, Rose Grower, Founder/President of Plant Health Alternatives, LLC.


Ms. Basia Alexander, The Chief Listener™, created her own Track II   B.A. in Communications at Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin.  As Training Director for an Apple Computer dealership and as an Adjunct Professor, Basia wrote and delivered desktop publishing trainings.  She followed a calling to write on spiritual and personal growth topics then created ReVitalizations™–a health and creativity coaching and workshop business.  After certifying as a BodyTalk System practitioner, her love of trees and plants led her to co-found Plant Health Alternatives, LLC.  Basia writes all Tree Whispering® manuals and teaches with Dr. Conroy.  As an innovator in the discipline of Conscious Co-Creativity, Basia helps to develop Cooperative BioBalance™.