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Jim Conroy

Dr. Jim Conroy

Email Dr. Jim at DrJim at TheTreeWhisperer.com,

Phone 201-650-1231

Jim Conroy, Ph.D., earned his doctorate in Plant Pathology from Purdue University and spent 25 years as a successful executive in top ag-chem companies. After undergoing a life-changing moment, he calls himself The Tree Whisperer®.

He is an author,  visionary expert on Nature-based communication, and a global authority who holistically heals trees, plants, and ecosystems with his new, intuitive and bioenergy-healing, leading-edge approach to tree and plant health, called Tree Whispering®.

Research is ongoing for Dr. Conroy. His latest research study involves Co-Existence Technologies™: the practical application of the principle  “LIVE AND LET LIVE” to Ash Trees and the non-native insect, Emerald Ash Borer, at test sites in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  He has already achieved success through Co-Existence Technologies by dynamically balancing the Pine Bark Beetle on tracts of land with Lodgepole Pines in Winter Park and Vail, Colorado.  He is also working on water-ecosystems in New York state and New Jersey.

As co-author of the popular Tree Whispering® series of books, he inspires Nature lovers to validate their deep connection with Nature and their core selves, while adopting new ideas and practices towards trees, plants, and ecosystems. Readers see trees–and their own world–through new eyes. People have “ah-ha” insights that lead them into better stewardship of their trees and land, and to greater gardening success.

As creator of Tree Whispering®, Dr. Conroy teaches globally. In classes, people engage in healthy, inspiring, and profound connections with the living Beings of Nature. Participants magnify intuitive perception, improve well-being, and use easy, simple, heart-based “touch and focus” methods. Tree care professionals are invited to attend and expand their attitudes and practices.

As a long-time member of the faculties at The Omega Institute and The Nature Lyceum and as a veteran teacher, he leads people to make the dream of healthy, vigorously growing trees, plants, crops, and forests available to everyone. His delivery style is informative, inspirational,
thought-provoking, fast-paced, humorous, and warm.

His leading-edge professional systems, Tree Whispering®, Green Centrics™ and Co-Existence Technologies™ combine modern plant science with the new sciences, ancient wisdom, and right-brain/heart-based/hands-on practices. He achieves totally earth-friendly and truly sustainable results entirely without products––by healing compromised internal functionality. His life’s work is to reverse stress in trees, plants, forests, and crops, as well as to establish dynamic balance in ecosystems that have been fragmented by invasive insects and diseases. EcoPeace Treaties™ accomplish such rejuvenation. Because of his ag-chem background, he can relate to conventional approaches while bringing his innovations forward.

He is an impassioned keynote speaker at public and professional events, provides professional services on private properties, estates, parks, and gardens, is certified in organic land care, and a rose grower.

With Ms. Basia Alexander, he co-founded the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance®. The Institute’s mission is to foster cooperative and equal partnerships among all of the Beings of Nature, and to transform people’s role within ecosystems. Initiatives include ecosystem studies with invasive organisms.

As co-authors, their books and supporting materials champion do-it-yourself approaches, enlightened attitudes, educated environmentalism, visionary tree advocacy, and practical spirituality.

  • Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide to Touching, Healing, and Communicating with Trees, Plants, and All of Nature
  • Tree Whispering: Trust the Path Notebook and Journal
  • The Tree Whisperer’s 10 Tree and Plant Insights
  • People Saving their Trees in Hurricane Sandy: TreeProtector.org
  • Messages From Trees: A Coloring Book for the Young and Young-at-Heart
  • Stepping Inside the Plant’s World: Guided Visualization Exercises (CD or MP3s)


Basia Alexander

Ms. Basia Alexander

Basia at CooperativeBioBalance.org, 201-745-5494
www.CooperativeBioBalance.org,  www.TreeWhispering.com, www.PlantKingdomCommunications.com

Ms. Basia Alexander is a catalyst for positive change. She is an author and innovative leader in the new––and paradigm altering––field of Conscious Co-Creativity. As an expert Nature communicator, she brings an experienced sensibility and powerful techniques for advancing a new kind of relationship with the living Beings of Nature: partnership and cooperation as equal partners.

Basia has dedicated her life to generating a shift in the current cultural mindset––or paradigm––through enlightened attitudes, effective do-it-yourself approaches, educated and active environmentalism, visionary tree advocacy, and practical spirituality.

Basia co-leads and produces original curriculum for Tree Whispering® introductions and workshops that integrate the new sciences, ancient wisdom, and common sense underpinning this work. She guides a relaxing visualization exercise called “Stepping Inside the Plant’s World” that enhances people’s ability to feel a deep––even spiritual––connection between their core selves and living Beings of Nature. As an Intuitive with Earth Elements and a favored member of the faculties at The Omega Institute and The Nature Lyceum, she attracts students who want an expansive insight. Her delivery style is swift, cheerful, and well-illustrated.

As co-author of the popular Tree Whispering series of books, she adds her passionate perspective to Dr. Jim’s advancements.  She also designs easy-to-use processes that can enhance people’s perceptive skills. One key focus is on correlating Dr. Jim’s insights with reports of coming out of the new sciences.  As the primary producer of the Tree Whispering books, Basia desktop publishes all components. She coordinates with editors, printers, and others involved in the whole process of bringing their books and other materials to light.

With Dr. Jim Conroy, Basia co-founded the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance®.  She directs its initiatives––including Tree Protector™ and Strengthen Forests™––by organizing events and adventures.

Basia also writes and speaks on topics of creativity, transformation, and how to live in collaboration with the Beings and Spirits of Nature. Always on the leading edge, she developed her own B.A. in Communications at Beloit College and is pursuing a Master of Manifestation Degree by independent study. She is also a health coach, bioenergy healer, gourmet vegetarian cook, and has had lifelong fun as a container gardener.