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Who will enjoy a class or workshop?

  • Nature lovers and open-minded people
  • Homeowners wanting to protect investment in landscape
  • Holistically and spiritually oriented people
  • Gardeners and Growers of every kind
  • Environmentalists or Activists
  • Landcare professionals such as arborists, landscapers, or gardeners
  • Students
  • Business owners

Hosting opportunities: If you wish to host an appearance at your business or in your area, please go to the Speaker’s Bureau or contact Barbara at Plant Kingdom Communications.

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Classes, Workshops, and Webinars


COMING SOON!!  These will be online experiential sessions.


When offered live, they are usually 1 full day.  Classes may cover the following topics and other locally relevant and timely issues. 

  • Tree Whispering Experiences and Deep Connection with Nature
  • The Art of Healing Trees with Energy
  • Cooperative BioBalance® and Invasive Organisms in Your Backyard EcoSystem
  • Addressing Weather Extremes and Their Effects on Trees
  • The Healing Whispers®
  • The Holistic Chores®


When offered LIVE are usually 1-3 days.  Workshop topics are usually designed yearly.  They usually cover special information, offer unique experiences and touch on locally relevant and timely issues. 

Click on the link to the left to find our more about the next live, 3 day workshop.

TREE WHISPERING® Advanced Courses

These will only be offered LIVE.  Each advanced course is unique and only available to people who have done either a live class, workshop, or certain online offerings. Graduates will be contacted directly.  


Find the next TREE WHISPERING® LIVE CLASS or WORKSHOP by going to the Calendar.

Or contact Basia Alexander directly at Basia (at) TreeWhispering (dot) com if you have questions or comments about learning more…

Pricing is reasonable.  Partial or full scholarships are sometimes available.

Books and other products will be available for sale and can be personalized!

You can always ask Dr. Jim and Basia your specific questions!  Bring photos of your trees or plants.